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Updated: May 24, 2021

This is a full list of original quotes by Isaac Mashman, covering a variety of topics such as business, life, and personal growth.

People get too big to do the little things and then wonder why they don't have the big results. - Isaac Mashman

In order to have massive success you should be willing to do tasks regardless of size. Yes, it's important to get to the point where you can delegate, but one should never get cocky with what they do or do not do.

It comforts me to know that anything I put my mind to, and pursue, I can achieve. - Isaac Mashman

All success starts with a decision. This is why if you want something, you decide to go after it regardless of the challenge in which you are faced. Know that we as humans create our limits.

Building your personal brand is one of the few ways you can ensure that you don't stay broke. - Isaac Mashman

Your personal brand is YOU! It is who you are. What people know you as. What you specialize in. Establishing your personal brand leads to increased credibility, higher numbers, and an endless list of other benefits.

At the center of all achievement is personal growth. - Isaac Mashman

This is the center of Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman podcast and of everything I stand for. Think about it, people attend college to educate themselves and increase their value in the marketplace. It is quite literally a form of personal growth.

Competition only exists in your head, not in the marketplace. - Isaac Mashman

Instead of being consumed by the thought of your competition beating you, embrace the fact that competition truly only exists in your mind. The more time you put towards beating previous versions of yourself, the less time you have dwelling on the so called "competition" around you.

Be the one who sets the trend, not the one who follows it. - Isaac Mashman

This quote is self-explanatory.

Chase the vision regardless of what other people do, say, or think. - Isaac Mashman

We're oftentimes confronted by other people who believe it's their duty to give us their opinions, or stand in our way for "our best interest". You should chase after your vision regardless.

You either make business your lifestyle, or business becomes your lifestyle. - Isaac Mashman

Instead of being unaware of how business can affect your life, I encourage people to build their lifestyle around business. This keeps them in total control, and eliminates the chance of being caught off guard.

High pressure salesmen focus on the short term incentives to outweigh the long term cons - Isaac Mashman

Your personal brand when consciously built can be a force for good, or a force for destruction. - Isaac Mashman

Successful people who wish to maintain their successes must make the decision to do so. - Isaac Mashman

Generational curses are actually blessings in disguise; the mistakes were already made for you, now all you have to do is apply the solutions. - Isaac Mashman

Feeling uncomfortable about a situation is oftentimes the indicator that growth is about to take place. - Isaac Mashman

Envisioning without action, is the equivalent of praying without faith. - Isaac Mashman

True fame is not determined by the amount of people who heard of you, rather by the amount of people who support you. - Isaac Mashman

Influence without control is a weapon of mass destruction. - Isaac Mashman

To give support should be commonplace in our society, not to be asked for. - Isaac Mashman

Movies take years to bring to theater, but hours to watch. Strikingly similar to success. - Isaac Mashman

It is possible for a person to change, this change however must occur willingly, and should never be forced. - Isaac Mashman

To focus on your legacy when you’re alive, is to detract from the time you could spend building it. - Isaac Mashman

The questions that keep us up at night are the questions which drive us during the day. - Isaac Mashman

To act out of desperation is to act out of instinct. To let oneself get to that point however, is to ignore self-preservation. - Isaac Mashman

There is as much to be learned from a man with little, as there is from a man with much. - Isaac Mashman

A mindset of abundance can only be guided and influenced, never forced. - Isaac Mashman

To feel obligated to finish all of your food is to be living with a mindset of scarcity. It is the little things from our childhood that have the longest impact. - Isaac Mashman

Withstanding hardships is a sort of sport. You can’t control how life plays, but you can control your defensive strategy. - Isaac Mashman

Music allows me to disconnect from my present reality, and communicate to my future wisdom. - Isaac Mashman

The very answers in which we seek are staring back at us in every reflection. - Isaac Mashman

To settle is to die. To not settle implies that death is avoidable. - Isaac Mashman

It is normal to feel alone at the start of any journey. It’s the people who you meet along your travels that make the trip more interesting. - Isaac Mashman

At the start of every conversation ask yourself what can I give, not what can I take. - Isaac Mashman

If you are confident in your ethics and morals, you shouldn’t concern yourself with the thought of how you will be with money. - Isaac Mashman

To compete with your reflection, is to have already won long term. - Isaac Mashman

Business is therapy for the dreamers. - Isaac Mashman

Public speaking is only bad if your clothes don’t fit correctly. - Isaac Mashman

Humans have different emotional states that are here to serve us, if anything be redirected. Not to be tamed. - Isaac Mashman

Personal development is a lifelong commitment to excellence. - Isaac Mashman

Your “why” should be centered around yourself. If you’re not taken care of, how do you ever expect to take care of others? - Isaac Mashman

My purpose on this planet is to live up to my potential, everything else just adds to the experience. - Isaac Mashman

Even the master plan has room for improvement. - Isaac Mashman

To dwell on the lack thereof is a mental trap the majority of visionaries are taught to do. - Isaac Mashman

Minor inconveniences are just that, and nothing more. - Isaac Mashman

The best bet is in yourself, the second best is in a cup of coffee. - Isaac Mashman

Lead how you like to be led. - Isaac Mashman

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