The Age of Glorified PR - A Yahoo Finance Feature Won't Make You Famous

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Or add that much to your credibility... I thought the title was long enough as is.

Here's the thing, I am confident that all, or most of you reading this have come across a PR (Public Relations) "guru" online at least once. They come across as a bright-eyed, big-shot business person who can get you featured in Yahoo Finance, some smaller sites where seemingly all wannapreneurs are just drooling to get featured in, and maybe even an article on Forbes. If you pay a few thousand dollars that is.

These so-called professionals are closing the gap for anybody to add to their credibility but are making it increasingly difficult to determine who's real, and who's fake.

If you had about $20,000 cash, you could literally buy your way into verification. Spend a few thousand on press releases, get in a few articles, and BAM. Verified.

I am not here to argue or dispute this form of public relations and its ethics nor morality, but I am here to say that there is more to public relations than what you see on the surface. When you're working with a true professional, they're going to discuss how to position yourself in the marketplace organically, with no massive dollar spend. How you can leverage attraction marketing. How you can establish a firm relationship with your prospects and audience. They'll give you methods to get articles written about you without buying your way in. Coverage is just one aspect of PR.

I understand the appeal of quick publication and the ego boost, but it is not the foundation for long-term success. I have spent all of $10 on advertising, and $0 on press releases to build my brand over the last 3 years. Sure, it takes more time and effort, but my foundation is strong. I have no issues with how or what I did, or continue to do.

Strategizing your come-up is a lot of fun. I encourage you to enjoy your climb to fame and fortune. If you do want to pay for a publication, check out newswires. How else do you think these professionals get you published in 200 places? You can't really believe they have 200 accounts on 200 platforms. I mean seriously? Newswires allow for you to write your article piece and distribute it to hundreds of places for one cost. If a journalist or website is interested in what you wrote, they'll promote you.

I'd be more proud of a Yahoo Finance feature I EARNED, versus one I paid for.

For a list of top PR firms to work with, visit this link on DesignRush!

An entrepreneur, more specifically one early in the process must act as their own publicist, strategist, figurehead, and the visionary for growth.

Rethink who you follow for PR, and choose someone who is about their profession, and well rounded.

If you're in business simply to chase clout, you're going to be in for a wake-up call.

**DISCLAIMER - This was written in no way to discredit Yahoo or any of its publishers.

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